Hi, I'm Tamás Szűcs

I'm a final year Master's student studying Cognitive Psychology at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. I have a deep interest in how humans work. In my research projects and side projects I mainly deal with how we can understand the way we work on a neural level, how we can communicate the way we work and how we can understand things we clearly aren't optimised for understanding (e.g. statistics and science).


  • Numerical Cognition

    To gain insight into how our minds process numbers, I am examining the relationship of the comparison distance effect and the priming distance effect in numerical cognition (see our paper here).

  • Reliability

    Low reliability is a pervasive problem in cognitive science. I work on the possibilities of raising the reliability of cognitive experimental effects.

  • CogStat

    I take part in the development of CogStat, an open-source statistical tool. It aims at automating statistical analyses and making statistics more intuitive.


I tried my hands at scientific communication with professional audiences and wider audiences alike. I have attempted to explain complex things in simple terms numerous times to big groups, small groups, offline, online, and also in writing.

  • Conferences

    I held presentations at numerous international and national conferences.
    A few of them were:

    • Dubrovnik Conference on Cognitive Science 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023
    • Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society Conference 2021, 2022
    • Research in Teacher Education - The Next Generation 2021
  • Workshops

    I held workshops in statistics, lead supportive groups for university students during the pandemic as well as counseling groups.

  • Science communication

    I wrote articles for the largest online psychology magazine in Hungary, Mindset Pszichológia. I touched on subjects such as evolutionary psychology, human relationships and the neural background of behavior.


I have been doing research in various areas for the past 5 years. I mainly worked on numerical cognition, statistical methodology, the replication crisis, memory processes in the hippocampus and the neural background of percieving body movements.

    CogStat     2020-

    CogStat is an open-source statistical program aiming to automate analyses and provide an intuitive output. As a collaborator I am currently working on implementing multiple linear regression, relability analyses and extending ANOVA analyses in CogStat. Automating more complex analyses like multiple regression and trying to make them more intuitive is very important for numerous scientific disciplines.

    NumberWorks     2018-

    In the NumberWorks lab I work with Attila Krajcsi on numerical cognition challenging the dominant Approximate Number System explanation of symbolic number processing (see our paper for more information). We also work on problems we encounter with the reliability of cognitive effects, and ways to try to remedy this surprisingly wide-spread problem.

    Brain & Emotion Lab     2022-2023

    At the Brain and Emotion Lab at Maastricht University I am involved in a project examining the neural background of body movement and body language perception. I work on data analysis and bottom-up approaches to feature extraction from experimental stimuli. We aim to find mid-level features that the brain uses for quick information extraction.

    HCCCL     2020-2021

    At the Hippocampal Circuit & Code for Cognition Lab I worked on a project in partnership with the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. The longitudinal study is examining the connection between changes in hippocampal subfield volumes and memory component processes such as pattern separation and pattern completion. This is the first longitudinal study to look at these associations in 4-6 year old children.

Other experience

KÜRT Foundation High School     2022-2023

At the KÜRT Foundation High School I am teaching psychology to 9th graders and 12th graders. In my lessons I try to bring the science close to my students. I want to communicate my fascination with psychology and neuroscience while explaining everything in an easy-to-understand format.

ELTE Peer Counseling Group     2020-2023

At the ELTE Peer Counseling Group working under the supervision of trained psychologists we provide free psychological counseling for university students struggling with various problems. Besides helping clients, I am also leading supportive groups of 5-10 people.

Mindset Pszichológia     2020-2022

Mindset Pszichológia is the largest online psychology magazine in Hungary. In my articles I often focus on cognitive and affective science, linking them to neural processes and evolutionary origins as well as examining some traditional psychological theories and concepts in light of current research.

Grants & Awards

I have been fortunate enough to earn multiple grants and awards with my projects.

New National Excellence Program    2021-2022

My work on extending CogStat with multiple regression was funded by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology in the New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP).

National Higher Education Scholarship     2021-2022

I was fortunate enough to be awarded the National Higher Education Scholarship (formerly Köztársasági Ösztöndíj or Republic Scholarship) for a second time.

New National Excellence Program    2020-2021

My research on increasing the reliability of cognitive effects at the NumberWorks lab was funded by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology in the New National Excellence Program (ÚNKP).

National Higher Education Scholarship     2020-2021

I was fortunate enough to be awarded the National Higher Education Scholarship (formerly Köztársasági Ösztöndíj or Republic Scholarship).

  • Programming

    I use multiple programming languages to design and run experiments,
    analyze data and make easy to understand visualizations.

    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Julia
    • R
    • Matlab
  • Education

    2020- Cognitive Psychology MA at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

    2022-2023 Fate Analytic Counselor, training in counselling methods, Dr. Szondi Lipót Memorial Foundation

    2022 Erasmus programme in Psychology at Maastricht University, Netherlands

    2021 R-PAS Rorschach assessment training, lead by Luciano Giromini, member of the R-PAS board

    2017-2020 Behavioral Analyst at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

    2017 Cambridge Complex Language Exam C1

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